I’m an editor and writer based in Berlin.

I make words work.

Tarini Awatramani


I provide tailored solutions to improve the overall effectiveness of your business's communication.

Whether it's developing copy for your website, creating engaging social media content, refining marketing materials, or telling your company's story, I keep your messaging on-point and your brand voice consistent.


People & Planet

My goal as an editor is to help you produce the best possible version of your manuscript. Whether you’re writing a thesis, research paper, or Ph.D. proposal, my services range from a thorough language check to intensive edits for cohesion and readability and if necessary extensive revisions and rephrasing.

With an intensive edit, you'll receive feedback and a 45-minute consultancy session to address obstacles and discuss revisions.

Are you looking to advocate or raise awareness around a specific issue or initiative? I develop or refine content for your website, media outreach, reports, proposals and social media.

Whether a standalone project or a larger communication campaign, my approach blends imaginative ideas with analytical thinking to shape your story and tell it exceptionally.

Artists &

Cultural Institutions

I work with individual practitioners and cultural institutions to produce diverse texts and the distinct tone needed to engage audiences or potential funders.

These include grant proposals, cover letters, curatorial texts, educational material, website content, and social media posts.


Pricing for writing varies with the scope of work.

To give you a sense of my fees, my average hourly rate for writing is 60.

Pricing for editing also varies on the level of intensity and the turnaround time but for academic writing, you can expect a range from 8-25 per 250 words.

For texts that are 1000 words or less, there is a minimum fee of €60.

”Every day, they strive to improve their service to the clients by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

- Clarice Turner

For over ten years, I’ve worked on a range of creative, commercial, academic and social projects. I’ve produced social media and web content for businesses, scripts for image films, articles for digital publications like CNN and even a Bollywood horror movie.

My versatile portfolio reflects my ability to blend creativity and critical thought, producing work that engages both heart and mind.  Above all, I value authenticity, interdisciplinary thinking, reliability, and the power of engaging with new ideas. 

Moving forward, I am eager to do work that keeps me optimistic and collaborate on projects that promote understanding and drive meaningful change.

When I’m not at my desk or on some research spiral, I’m probably listening to a history podcast, recreating homecooked Indian meals, planning a getaway or a game night. 

A little bit about me

Draft, Fact-check & Edit*

All the work that's done backstage.


We discuss the project and your goals






How I work

AI tools can add to our ever-increasing digital acumen, but they are no substitute for human input. I rely primarily on my own abilities and judgment to ensure that the content sounds written and not generated.

Research & Plan

I gather all the information I need and outline a strategy


Your content is ready!


Collect and implement feedback


Don't spam your audience, let's speak to them! In a digital scape replete with repetitive content, I cut out the noise and develop writing that is distinct, credible and in sync with your target group.

  • Communicate an idea behind a product

  • Introduce a person behind a portfolio

  • Simplify a complex issue

  • Pitch a solution

  • Define your voice

Be it a standalone project or a larger communication campaign, my approach blends imaginative ideas with analytical thinking to shape your story and tell it exceptionally.

and translate.

I write


I translate non-literary and non-technical translations from German to English. This includes a range of different texts from website content,  a job application, blog posts or copy for all your touchpoints.

As an editor and proofreader, my goal is to help produce your best-written work.

I cater to specific writing needs and styles of:

  • Businesses

  • Academics

  • Authors

  • Journalists

  • Professionals

Whether you need help with brainstorming, line-by-line editing, or reviewing AI-generated content, I work closely with you to achieve the quality of writing you are looking for.

With an academic background in the interdisciplinary field of South Asia Area Studies, I conduct research for businesses, journalists, and scholars, offering comprehensive and nuanced analysis to inform your work on topics such as culture, politics, history, and the environment.